In The News: Hampden Hampshire MA Senate District

Log Cabin Republicans endorse Cecilia Calabrese for MA State Senate Hampden Hampshire because she believes in Dignity for all people

Greater Boston Login Cabin Republicans endorse

CeCe Calabrese for the Hampden Hampshire MA State Senate

Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Boston are proud to endorse Agawam City Councilor Cecilia Calabrese for State Senate of the Hampden Hampshire District! Councilor Calabrese, serving her 4th term as Council Vice President has proven leadership, proven results of battling special interests groups, fighting for working families and representing the voice of the people. Calabrese is the leader the Hampden Hampshire Senate District needs!


Inflation Hitting Massachusetts Consumers Harder than Rest of Country

CeCe Calabrese shares her thoughts on high inflation and the impact on her constituents in the Hampden Hampshire Senate District. Increase in price are gasoline by 54 percent, used cars and trucks by 37 percent, natural gas by 27 percent, the cost of transportation services by 21 percent, and electricity costs by 14.5 percent.